Papercut Suicide Update -- November [2006]

(dusting off News page) Yes. I'm still alive. (I was able to get through that whole decapitation thing with flying colors, although sewing my head back on was admittedly a pain in the neck.)

I've been working on my music lately, so I kind of forgot that my News page existed, which is why it's become so antiquated. You don't realize how difficult sound production of music is until you try it - so many different things to worry about. Getting all the levels of all the different musical instruments right is almost as big of a pain in the neck as sewing one's head back on post-decapitation. I kid you not.

My Soundclick page is still going strong - I've been uploading new content there over the last few years. After I got done with my 'synthesized voices' kick, I experimented with actual vocals. I'm admittedly still getting the hang of that, although my voice doesn't suck half as badly as I thought it would. I don't even need any pitch correction. (Well, hardly, any.)

If you have a second, check Terrestrial Epitaph In Shortwave out. It's a very experimental song/soundscape I did. I uploaded it for kicks, but people seem to really like it. It's one of the longer tracks I've uploaded in recent memory. (It's just under ten minutes long.)

I also have an artist page on Last FM now - you can also download all my music for free over there. (The whole micropayments for music thing is a REALLY bad idea - who agrees with me??) I also have a page on Last FM that scrobbles my own personal music-listening habits. (Now you can find out how big of a geek I am firsthand. Neat, eh?)

Papercut Suicide Update -- March [2004]

As everybody knows by now, sold all their artists down the proverbial river, myself included. So, I moved my artist page to Soundclick. Here's the new address :

Not ALL the songs from the old site were carried over. There were a few I wanted to remaster first. I'm currently in the process of remastering that 12 minute monstrosity Digital Scuba Dreamtime - I've actually broken it down into two songs, since the first half is more ambient noise, and the latter half is a bit on the heavier, more structured side.

A couple of the songs are brand new - I've been experimenting with added lyrics using synthesized voices. Give The Greyscale Dreamstealer a listen - while I'm not sure if it qualifies as a song, it does make for some interesting ear candy.

I'm tinkering with the idea of creating a CD - I had burnt a personal one from all the crap I programmed in Buzz, and it doesn't sound that bad. At the rate I'm going, I'll have it released by 2010. (2020, at ABSOLUTE latest.)

Structure/Dementia, the net station I used to run from - it no longer exists. Although, Soundclick has announced they wanted to add net stations to their website. So, who knows? Maybe it will be reincarnated soon.

Papercut Suicide Update -- September [2003]

I added a couple new songs to my Alternate Modes Of Underwater Consciousness Page. As usual, my musical synthesis drug of choice is Buzz, which is extremely buggy, but also very useful (provided you remember to save often and have an extensive volcabulary of vulgarities at your disposal when it decides to crash]. It's freeware as well. Did I mention that?

While I haven't updated the art pages here much, I have been posting some crap [er - artistic endeavors, I mean] to Renderosity. I got Poser 5.0 last year and also a new digital camera this year, both of which I've been experimenting with. You can check out my Renderosity gallery by clicking HERE.


Papercut Suicide Update -- May [2002]

I added a couple new songs to my Alternate Modes Of Underwater Consciousness Page. Both are composed electronica and were done in Buzz.

Passing Through Clouds thumbnailThe NightMare Muse thumbnail

Papercut Suicide Update -- May [2002]



Papercut Suicide Update -- March [2002]

I've added a page that ties in with the Brainwave/Cymatic Frequency Listing. It's basically a journal of all the experimentation I've done with "sonic alchemy" - click here to check it out.

I've also been creating some MP3 music - since it would drain my webspace to store it here, I keep it on under the artist name Alt Modes Of Underwater Consciousness. I have one eleven minute monstrosity of a song there right now - I call it Digital Scuba Dreamtime. It's kind of an ambient/experimental sort of piece with some heavier more structured segments. You really miss most of what's going on without a good set of headphones. Please, check it out..

Papercut Suicide Update -- November [2001]

I've been tinkering with the Palabra Jot section -- I had to remove those surreallistic side-columns for now - they don't seem compatible with every browser - I'll have to tinker with some other ways to add the columns in that are a little more browser-friendly.

1) I removed the Starcyne archive - I felt it was the weakest of the bunch. (And it really wasn't getting many hits anyways.) The Dusk page is kind of simple, but I'm leaving it up for now, since it's very nice for what it is. (I overhauled some of the graphics and gave it a facelift.)

2) I also updated the Aware page, changing its name to something more fitting - Meaningless Sequences. (I left the actual filename alone, just so I can see if the facelift made any difference in the number of hits the page is getting.)

3) Finally, I added a new page called Eye Asylum - which is some of my more recent artwork and poetry - it's still coming along. I'll probably be tinkering with the various art and poetry pages further in the future. What looks good to me today I'll probably consider to be crap tomorrow. That keeps the pages continually evolving.

Papercut Suicide Update -- Fall [2001]


Time for my annual update of the Papercut Suicide news page :

1) I got a cool domain name now - - I'm keeping the title of the pape Papercut Suicide, though - just to befuddle everybody. The old URL still works though.

2) The brainwave frequency/cymatics listing page probably has been getting more hits than most of the other pages - it pretty much gives a listing of every sound frequency that various groups associate something with. Some of it is very scientific [brainwave frequencies associated with certain states] while some of it leans towards being new-agey and harder to verify. Musicians might find this page a handy reference, as well as people who experiment with brainwave entrainment and chakras.

3) I've been quietly updating the various multimedia poetry pages here - I want to refine them, giving each page more of a common theme - they're a little bit helter-skelter right now.

4) The fractal music is always being updated - I have some new fractal compositions I was going throw online sooner or later. Also, an archive of sorts for my fractal music is developing on my personal page.


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