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I've redone the Jot page again - I'll prolly redo the music inevitably too. I want something a little bit darker and heavier. (Well, as heavy as MIDI can get.)

I've noticed a lot of people hit this page by typing in Palabra Jot in search engines, so I feel obliged to give the history of the expression - it was from a PBS show I vaguely remember from my childhood called the Write Club. They used Palabra Jot as their slogan. "Write something, write anything." I used it for the title of this page, since I honestly didn't think anybody would remember such a vague reference. (I guess I was wrong.)

Anyway, I traditionally have put the credits for this website on Palabra Jot, so here they are :

The Fractal Music was created by me, using the following fractal generators :

  1. Artsong, (c) 1995-1996 David T. Strohbeen

  2. F-Music, (c) 1998 D.H. Singer

  3. Musinum, (c) 1995-1999 Lars Kindermann

  4. A Musical Generator, (c) 1997, 1998 MuSoft Builders

The WAV-type noise [what's left of it, anyway] was created with CoolEdit, (c) 1992-1996 Syntrillium Software.

The images were created using Poser, Bryce, Paintshop Pro, and Painter. I also have been using a neat fractal art generator for some backgrounds, bump maps, transparencies, and 3D textures. The program goes by the name of ChaosPro, and was programmed by Martin Pfingstl. (A link to his website is forthcoming, if I can find one.)

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