Updated 9/17/2000

This one is based in the same room as the "gateway" picture on the main page. The creature was something I was playing with -- I tried sticking the head of a human onto the Poser cat body, and the results were interesting. The wall on the left [which you can see better on the pic on the main page] is actually a mountain OBJ made using Bryce turned on its side.

The Lunar Gate

These two pictures evolved from the "hippie gatekeeper" picture on one of the other poetry pages. It involves two beings, looking at each other through a dimensional vortex, yet only dimly aware of one another's existence.

(Yes, I know it's kind of silly having a woman wearing a swimsuit in a swampland sort of environment, but that's small change compared to the original getup she had on, which I replaced because of copyright issues. I might embellish her outfit a little bit. Hm, maybe it's made of unstable molecules? Yep. When something doesn't make sense, attribute it to unstable molecules, duct tape, the stuff inside twinkies, fate, chaos theory, or the "god" of your respective religion. Okay, I'm rambling here..)

Anyways, this pair of pictures was done in Poser, Paintshop, and Painter.

Dimension ADimension B

This is a Sid [look below]. The Sids are six neon-colored stuffed bunnies who guard my computer against the forces of evil. They are named after Sid Lozansky, an accountant in St Louis whom they have a great deal of respect for. Despite their love of pro-wrestling, they are not named after Sid Vicious, the wrestler. Their favorite wrestler happens to be Jerry Lynn [ECW]. Whenever they play pretend wrestling, real fights will break out over who gets to be Jerry Lynn. I try and convince some of them that they could be another wrestler, like -- say, Stone Cold Steve Austin, or The Rock, but they're very stubborn.

Their other hobbies include : Re-enacting the Civil War, Discussing The Duality Of Man, and Putting On Their Own Production Of Jesus Christ : Superstar [which never gets off the ground, since they're constantly arguing over who gets to be Jerry Lynn, and I've all but given up explaining to them that Jerry Lynn is not even in Jesus Christ : Superstar.]

Their latest pasttime - they're trying to perfect time travel. This basically involves them tampering with my alarm clock, which has led to me being late for my job more than once.

Hey. Brand new Sid pics! Now in 3D.. I'm working on a Poser model for the Sids. I'm still getting the kinks out in their movement, and want to add some whiskers, but it doesn't look half bad..

To Sid, or not To Sid --- that is the question.


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