Updated 1/21/2000


This one I did last year - it's called Coffee Hallucination. It's one of those ones that looked good at the time, and was much better than my earlier experimenting with Poser, although looking back on it now, I think I can do better. I might fiddle around with it more if I have some time.

Coffee Hallucination


This picture comes from July of 2000. I did it in about three hours. I used [long list] : Poser, Paintshop Pro, some digital photography, Chaospro [fractal generator], Sterling-ware [another fractal generator], and a series of freeware plug-ins called Embossworks. For samples, the only one I used that I didn't fractally generate or photograph myself was the moon picture -- which was a NASA pic that I clipped. I was kind of going through a really abstract stage at this point. No matter how much I tried to do something "real", everything I did was coming out like this.

Pretty Damn Abstract


This was something I did around May 2000. Another "long" one. Like I said, these weird pictures of mine are evolving. Where is this evolution heading? Beats the hell out of me. Perhaps I'm finally headed back in a comic book direction.. I won't speculate. I'll only let what happens happen..

At Dusk


This is something I did in Poser 4.0 around when I first purchased it -- It's all about the dreaming mind and the soul. A poetic interpretation of it.



This is a picture I did a couple winters ago [1998-1999] -- I toiled away at this one for a couple of weeks -- it's supposed to be this post-apocalyptic alien city, that got decimated by some volcanic disaster. It was done completely in Paintshop Pro.

Look on the bright side -- the worse that can happen is we all die a painful death at the hands of a misplaced nuclear warhead.



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