The Half-Life

The Story

The Half-Life Chronicles is a tale of misplaced cadavers, incompetent reapers, tabloid turmoil, and heavenly red tape.

It deals with a problem we've all dealt with -- not fitting in with our surroundings. Feeling like a gerbil in the world of the rat race.

All four of the main characters have some quirk about them which makes them feel "out of place". They all see the greener grass on the other side of the fence, and they all want to hop on over.

Matthew, perched atop a stone pillar..

Picture of Matthew by Matthew Downer


Matthew : A winged zombie who emerged from the earth on a cold winter day -- he seems to have fallen out of the standard protocol of dying -- you die, you're buried, you wait in line for a while, and then go to Heaven. So, his primary response is "Now What?". And who is this Melissa he found himself calling for upon digging his way out of the grave -- is she the shelter Matthew seeks?

Patricia : Patricia is a young tabloid photographer who is VERY bored with her job. You'd think working for a tabloid would be interesting, right? Well, she's tired of photographing stuff that the image doctors can use for cannon fodder, and wants to go out into the world, and find some real paranormal phenomena -- with a winged zombie lurking around, she might just get her wish .. .. but not if Leonard has anything to do with it.

Leonard : Leonard is a college student - PROBLEM : He's afraid of his own shadow, everybody elses' shadow, and the shadows of doggies, bunny rabbits, and gerbils. So, when his psycho-therapist wants him to get an intern so he can get out more, he figures his best bet is to do some safe job pushing papers around a desk -- instead he gets stuck with an overambitious photographer named .. Patricia.

Skank : A rent-a-reaper whose job it is to deliver souls from one place to another. And whose desire it is not to do his job.. He prefers hanging out on earth, going to ska concerts, and getting drunk. Everything is going well in his life .. until he really botches up a soul delivery -- a rather important soul delivery -- for a soul named .. Matthew.

Matthew link by Matt Childers. Patricia and Skank links by Brian LaFramboise.

Looking back, I think I had no idea what the hell I was doing when it comes to authoring comic books. And I'm sure five years from now, I'll probably think the same thing about my music. (This is the BACK button, by the way. Thank you - drive through. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.)