"It's so hard to think when I blink from existence."

Reel Turning
Cycle Repeating
Treading In Place
Day After Day
Retracing Tired
Sets Of Footprints

Misplaced Puzzle Pieces
End Up Aimlessly In Piles
Never Interlocking
Nor Forming Any Patterns

Trival Tangents
That Slowly Smother Me
Completely Defeating
My Diseased Self-Esteem

Resonating tremors
To get beyond the pressure.
To see the bigger picture.
To rid my life of structure.
To push beyond my limits

To make myself indifferent.

Subzero Pyro By Necessity Too Inventive To Surrender Your Contendership Frozen In Cryogenesis.


Like some media mark of Cain.
We've become tainted.
15 minutes of fame & counting.
Then the bargain bins.
Never escaping this coffin.

For a dollar or two, we can give you answers
that all the pop bands can't provide.

A word of warning we offer
Stay clear of the limelight crosshairs
Since everything it
sees hears perceives believes in
ceases to remain the way it was in the end

Boxed From The Limelight


When the crowds have claimed the entire pie.
I have faith there are a few crumbs left, somehow unnoticed.
Satisfied by the smallest slice. We spend time perfecting it
Expanding from near nothingness to the piece of heaven it now is.
Then the the spotlight shifts and we are dismissed.
Not let in to enjoy the riches we created.

In the dark, it's easier to see
They're stealing all your sunshine.
Surrounding themselves in the light you created.
Making your presence meaningless.
Negating your existence -- you won't even be missed.

[The references from the last paragraph] are from LEN, Dream Theater, and Savatage, respectively.]

Red Negative

Skin and Moonlight
Inadequate Armor
War Is No Beauty Parlor

Another sign of our failure.
Bloodshed turned by CNN
Into a major motion picture.

Death By White Noise

He switches off the picture..
Terminates the transmission..
Within this television a spirit..
The screen his only outlook..
On the world he once lived in.

I'm always stuck in myself. No change of the channel.
Contained in this arrangement. Restrained in my container.
Current keeps running, until I'm six feet under.
There, the peace begins, but the music ends --
except as repeats and replays -- meaningless sequences.

Transceiver Dead
These Connections Severed
The Voices Fade
From Consciousness

Blue Water Labyrinth

She walks along the ocean's surface, devoid of aqualung or extra apparel. She thumbs a ride on the back of a sea creature, in search of an ultimate weapon, or her misplaced ego, at least. She fixates on redemption - a blue sky ascension awaits, she thinks. Deliberate actions taken. A plan of decisive evasion. "What direction is away from this place? Under what ocean maze can I hide my face? It feels like I'm walking in circles, I'm crying, it hurts me to realize that this sea is all there is to see. Walking in hindsight, I brake before sighted, too afraid of the limelight, I trace my steps back to the ocean's embrace."

Freud and Oblivion

Passing Faces
Mind Erasing
Fading In Time
My Memory Hazy

A final sigh
One last time
lost in her

Again making
my way through
mazes in

It's only interference
there's never a tomorrow
though nothing is forgotten
these circles I will follow.



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