Disclaimer - This page is about five years old. The comic book being promoted here is long dead. I'm leaving it up for posterity. It reminds me there was a more optimistic me at one point. Kind of cluelessly optimistic, but hey - what can you do? [MPT 7/11/04]

Sample Artwork from The Half-Life Chronicles

The Claw..

He shows them his hand.

The Gate..

They fold.

The Face..

He won with four jokers.

"Freedom's just another word for having nothing left to lose."

An angel for a day..


A four page Half-Life story will appear in Periphery #1, a fantasy anthology published by Arch-Type Studios.

We're currently trying to create a loud buzz in the comics industry about Periphery #1, and we need your help. So, here's how you can help us out.

Go to your local comic shops, and beg them to order Periphery #1 when it comes out!!

For more information on Arch-Type, click below :

I updated the link for Arch-Type Studios, but I think it's a ghost page at this point. It's odd how surfing the net can be much akin to time travel.

All art on this page by Travis Hanson. The quote from "Me And Bobby Mcgee", by Janis Joplin.

Man - this page is like a time capsule. So many memories here. Oh, I'm getting sidetracked. I'm supposed to type what this image is - this is the BACK button.